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79th Scientific Sessions Room Block Request

General Information:

  • Complete and submit this online Block Request Form if you need to reserve 2 or more rooms.
  • October 31, 2018 – Submit the online request by this date for hotel assignment utilizing your Priority Points. Requests received after this date will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are based on hotel availability. Depending on the number of rooms requested, you may be assigned to more than one hotel.
  • All online reservation requests require a credit card guarantee.
  • The hotel room rates include a rebate to offset the costs of shuttle bus service and meeting expenses.
  • Should you need to change your original request after submitting it, please notify ADA Housing: Send us a message or call (866) 290-9910 (U.S. & Canada) or (415) 268-2086 (International).

  • (*Asterisks designate required fields)

    Residents of Canada and Japan, please select your country before choosing your province.
    Correspondence should be sent to:

    Hotel Choices:

    Please provide 6 hotel choices in order of preference. Every effort will be made to accommodate your first choice hotel. If your preferred hotels are not available, ADA Housing will contact you with other hotel options. Please note that the San Francisco Marriott Marquis will be limited to no more than 30 rooms per group and the InterContinental San Francisco and the Park Central Hotel San Francisco will be limited to no more than 20 rooms per group.

    Housing Policies:

    • Please note, exhibitor blocks are not able to bundle breakfast (if not already included by hotel) onto the existing room rates.
    • Exhibitors who reserved 10 or more rooms through ADA Housing in the past three years and picked up more than the 80% required minimum received additional Housing Priority Points, which have been added to your existing Exhibitor Priority Point balance.
    • If you had a room block at past ADA meetings, your history of rooms reserved versus rooms utilized will be reviewed. ADA Housing reserves the right to make adjustments to your room block based on past history.
    • Exhibitor groups may only request an increase of 10% over the three main nights based on previous year actualized numbers.
    • Beginning on December 11, 2018 – Priority hotel room block assignments will be e-mailed to the group contact along with a Group Booking Contract. Exhibitors have 48 hours to return the signed Group Booking Contract to ADA Housing.
    • All reservation changes and/or cancellations must be made through ADA Housing. Do not contact the hotel(s) directly.
    • A login and password will be e-mailed to the group contact for online room block management.
    • 10 rooms or more: April 19, 2019 - Rooming lists with complete names and addresses are due to ADA Housing. Any unused rooms, where names have not been provided by this date, will be released. (See Attrition Policy below).
    • 9 rooms or less: May 10, 2019 - All individual names must be provided. No duplicate names will be accepted.
    • After May 10, 2019, ADA Housing will continue to process reservations and changes subject to hotel availability.



    Jun 3
    Jun 4
    Jun 5
    Jun 6
    Jun 7
    Jun 8
    Jun 9
    Jun 10
    Jun 11
    Jun 12

    Exhibit Set Up: June 5 - June 7
    Exhibits Open:
    Saturday June 8: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Sunday June 9: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Monday June 10: 10:00 am - 2:00pm
    Exhibit Tear Down: June 11 – June 12

    Non-exhibiting companies may not use a suite to promote products. If a company has products that are relevant to the attendee, then they are required to exhibit. ADA reserves the right to deny suite requests to companies that violate these policies.

    For suite requests, please indicate the use of your suite:
    Sleeping      Hospitality / Meeting       N/A

    Deposit Information:

    All room block requests submitted online must be guaranteed with a credit card (no checks).

    Deposit Policy: All hotel reservations must be guaranteed by a major credit card or by a check deposit for one night’s room and tax drawn on a U.S. bank, in U.S. dollars, made payable to CMR/ADA Housing. Deposits paid by check will require a credit card to guarantee the room block until the check payment is received. The deposit will appear on the hotel room account of each guest at check in. Refunds will not be issued until after the meeting and upon receipt of your actual pick-up from the hotel(s).

    Financial Information:

     Attrition Policy:

    Exhibitor is responsible for picking up eighty percent (80%) of the total room/suite block it agrees upon in the signed Group Booking Contract. Should the actual rooms/suites utilized be less than 80% of the Total Room/Suite Nights (as listed on the Group Booking Contract), the Exhibitor agrees to pay ADA for the number of sleeping rooms/suites not utilized up to 80% of the Total Room/Suite Nights reserved. Following receipt of the actual pick-up numbers from the hotel(s), the Exhibitor will be billed for the difference between the actual hotel’s pick-up numbers and 80% of the Total Room/Suite Nights as listed on the Group Booking Contract. These monies are due within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice. Please note: The attrition invoice may not be sent until September of 2019.

    Sample hotel rate: $239 Room Rate
    Group’s contracted nights: 100 Room Nights
    Group is required to actualize 80%: 80 Room Nights
    Group actualizes: 70 Room Nights
    Variance: 10 Room Nights
    Variance x Hotel Rate: $2,390.00 Penalties owed to ADA

    Cancellation Policy:

    10 rooms or more -
    Should a Group cancel their entire room block, as per their signed Group Booking Contract, they will be responsible for paying the following in liquidated damages to ADA:

    May 8, 2019 – June 7, 2019 - 80% of the Total Room Nights x the Single Room Rate
    April 8, 2019 – May 7, 2019 - 50% of the Total Room Nights x the Single Room Rate
    March 8, 2019 – April 7, 2019 - 30% of the Total Room Nights x the Single Room Rate
    Date of Signing – March 7, 2019 - 10% of the Total Room Nights x the Single Room Rate

    All cancellations must be made in writing and sent via fax, e-mail, or mail to ADA Housing. These monies are due within thirty (30) days of cancellation of the block.

    9 rooms or less -
    Reservations must be cancelled at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival to avoid penalty charges. If you do not cancel your reservation in time or fail to check in on the scheduled date of arrival your credit card will be charged in the amount of one night’s room and tax or your check deposit will be forfeited. Your reservation will also be cancelled for the remainder of the stay.